Suicide bomber refuses to blow herself up in Bornu State


A suicide bomber in Bornu State handed herself over to the authorities after she refused to blow herself up at the Dikwa Internally Displaced Persons IDP camp on Thursday.
The other two female suicide bombers between the ages of 17 and 20 blew themselves up killing at least 58 people while 78 people were injured.
The third suicide bomber confessed to soldiers that she did not detonate her bomb because her parents were in the IDP camp.
As explained by the head of the Borno State Emergency Management Agency Satomi Alhaji Ahmed;
“There were three female bombers who entered the camp around 6:30 a.m. disguised as displaced persons,” he said.
“Two of them set off their explosives in the camp while the third refused after realizing her parents and siblings were in the camp.”
The Dikwa IDP camp is the largest in Bornu state with about 53,000 displaces persons.