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50 Cent accuses P Diddy of murdering 2Pac


50 Cent has thrown his weight behind a  documentary about the murder of 2Pac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.
The documentary ‘Murder Rap’ indicts P Diddy formerly known as Puff Daddy in the murder of 2Pac.
The documentary based on a book by retired Los Angeles Police Department detective Greg Kading, alleges that Puff DaddyCombs paid a Crips gang member Keffe D $1 million to kill 2pac and Suge Knight.
“I told you, you can’t trust these n*ggas. Puffy done killed 2Pac,” 50  Cent says in an Instagram video.
In another post he says:
“So Puffy with the sh*t hun? See you gotta watch these punk, scary ass n*ggas… He killed your favorite rapper.”

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