Kanye West vs Wiz Khalifa: Amber Rose says Yeezy is a f***ing clown


The beef going on between rappers Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa has gotten ex girlfriend to both rappers Amber Rose involved.
Amber appeared on the podcast “Allegedly” and spoke concerning the  ongoing beef.
She called Kanye West a “fucking clown” for involving her and Wiz Khalifa’s three-year-old son Sebastian in their beef.
“I would not  talk about kids in an argument,” Amber said.
“It just shows what type of person he is. Even him saying stuff about my son, I still didn’t say anything about his kids. I’m not going to. It’s just ridiculous. They’re innocent babies. You don’t ever, ever talk about a baby—ever. That just shows how fu**ing ridiculous he is.”
When asked specifically about her “play in your asshole” tweet, she said, “Listen, don’t talk about my kid. That’s all I got to say.”