US Secretary of State John Kerry commends Buhari’s fight against corruption in Nigeria


US secretary of State, John Kerry has commended the on going fight against corruption in Nigeria.
Although the fight seems like it is targeted against a select few, it deserves some commendation.
Many Nigerians are expecting to see the hunters (EFCC) pursue fellows in Buhari party, APC and former leaders like Obasanjo and Babangida.
The fight needs to be focused on institutional corruption and reforms in the civil service instead of individuals.
Anyway, President Buhari deserves a well meaning thumbs up from Kerry.

While speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Kerry said:

It has been reported that over 50 people including government officials stole over $9billion in Nigeria. Corruption costs global economy more than a trillion dollars a year and complicates every security, diplomatic, social priority”.
”In far too many countries, plain rank corruption has generated such powerful headwinds that local economies just tread water. Today, corruption has grown at an alarming pace and threatens global growth, global stability, indeed the global future. There is absolutely nothing more demoralizing, disempowering to any citizen than the belief the system is rigged against them. Corruption is a radicalizer because it destroys faith in legitimate authority.”