North African migrants throw stones at transgender woman in Germany

Three North African migrants have been arrested by the police in Germany for throwing stones on a transgender woman.

Elisa Dares won't reveal her face because of fear

According to a report on Friday on television station SAT1.NRW, the men attacked Yasmine und Elisa, two transgender women, near the city’s main train station, Jerusalem Post reports.

“Within seconds we were tossed around…and they took stones from a gravel bed on the corner and threw them at us,” said Elisa.
“A police car at the train station appeared as the stoning attack unfolded and arrested the men.
The German media as a general rule do not disclose the last names of victims to protect their privacy. The three men are between 16 and 18 years-old and are known to the authorities because of theft and assault arrests.
The Dortmund police official Kim-Ben Freigang said the suspects told the police that “such persons must be stoned.“