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Funeral plans for Celine Dion’s husband Rene Angeli released

Burial plans have been released for Celine Dion’s  husband and manger, Rene Angelil who passed on after a long battle with cancer on Thursday.


Rene Angélil’s funeral will be held on Friday, Jan. 22, at the Notre-Same Basilica Montreal, Canada, where they tied the knot 21 years ago.


His obituary reads;

“According to his final wishes, his funeral will be held at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, where 21 years ago, he chose to marry the one who will remain as the great love of his life, the artist for which he had the most respect, the woman who gave him light and happiness until his very last breath.”


Celine Dion was 12 years old when she recorded a demo tape of a song written by her mother, Therese Dion sent the tape to Rene Angeli. Astonished by her voice, Rene mortgaged his house to invest in her music career.
Rene also managed Canadian singer Ginette Reno.
He died aged 73.