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Check out: scary photo of demon watching a foetus in an ultrasound goes viral

An ultrasound image of an unborn baby has gone viral after a strange figure is spotted next to the foetus.
by thousands of social media users.
The image was posted on imgur under the heading “A friend’s ultrasound.
When you see it…”.


In the image of unborn child resting in his mother’s womb, you see a fiery looking creature – a demon-like creature.

Opinion is divided as to what the figure looks like, with the most popular choices being a Hindu Goddess, a mermaid or a demon.
One comment reads:
“Does no one else see the demon on the right?”
But another responded: “Hindu goddess on the right side of the image.”
To sum up the disagreement, subtlemrs simply wrote: “I’m seeing a friendly mermaid. Everyone else is seeing a demon. We’re all weird.”
The picture has been viewed more than 500,000 times since being uploaded yesterday.