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Scientists in Taiwan say Zobo drink can cure prostrate cancer


A research conducted by a group of scientists, led by Chun-Tang Chui from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Taiwan said in a report that Hibiscus sabdariffa leaf extract also known as zobo drink inhibits human prostate cancer cell invasion.
In another study, the researchers found out that the polyphenols present in hibiscus leaves may inhibit growth of and destroy melanoma cancer cells without damaging healthy human skin cells, scientists from Taiwan have found.
Hibiscus leaf is a rich source of polyphenols, which are thought to have hypolipidemic (lipid-lowering) and antioxidant effects.
The scientists claimed that this was the first study focusing on the polyphenols and their anti-melanoma mechanisms.
Commonly called roselle or zobo, Hibiscus sabdariffa belongs to the plant family Malvaceae. In folk herbal medicine, it is used to treat hypertension, pyrexia, and liver disorders, and is used for its immune-modulating effect in Asia.
An aqueous extract of dried flowers of H. sabdariffa L. has been used as an effective treatment against leukemia and gastric carcinoma, due to its high content in polyphenols.
Zobo drink is locally produced and consumed predominantly in Western Nigeria. It is sold basically on every road side, on street corners,  public schools and restaurants.