Tyga and Kylie Jenner are back together — Couple hook up for a romantic dinner after several weeks apart


Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been spending their time apart after it became clear that their relationship was over the couple spent some quality time together on Dec. 23 for a romantic dinner before the two live birds hit the Roxy where the 18-year-old’s BFFs, Justine Skye and Harry Hudson , were performing. Tyga took the stage to sing his verse in one of Justine’s songs, and Kylie proudly watched on , even recording some of the performance for her Snapchat.
And Tyga proposed???
The couple were photographed leaving the club together, Kylie was wearing a giant new ring on her left hand — wow, let’s keep our fingers crossed… Seems like their romance have been reignited.
A source close to the couple describe them in these words:
“They seemed happy, really happy! 
And Tyga had much more confidence than usual knowing Kylie was there on his arms and supporting him. He had this air about him and he walked around the club like he owned it. Kylie makes him feel like that guy and he definitely showed that last night.”