Exclusive interview with rapper, OAP and producer Obijezul Emmanuel Anyaso


Fast rising rapper Emmanuel Anyaso aka Obijezul met with Talkparlour.com for an EXCLUSIVE interview.
Obijezul Anyaso also known as OBJ is a rapper, record producer and an OAP at Dream 925 Fm Enugu..

Check out the exclusive interview below

  1. Can we meet you?

My name is Emmanuel Anyaso  Ahamefula Emmanuel  from BendeLocal Government Area in Abia State.

  1. How did you come up with the name Obijezul?

The name came while I was in IMT, Then I just came in from Lagos and acting like a Yoruba man. Always dressing like them on Fridays. I now became a class rep meanwhile President Obasanjo was still in power. So everyone now stared addressing me as OBJ. I thought about stopping the name but I just couldn’t stop s I continued. When my music career started, my friends started adding some swag to the name it now became Obijezul. That was how it became a part of me.

3 What kind of music are you into?

I do music… I see a lot of people try to categories but for me I can’t say I do a particular genre. I rap, I sing, I do Afro Hip Hop and even Traditional Music. It comes with the inspiration.

  1. What inspired you to be a musician?

Nas … The way he delivers his punch lines. He is a very deep thinker. Also Fela ,he inspired me with his originality. He was a spontaneous person who never tried to copy anybody.

  1. Do you have any role model in music?

My role model  …  Fela is one , Nas, Jay z ,D’banj , Idris they are my role models.

  1. Tell us the inspiration behind your songs like Afiam Ga na Ele, Afo Anu, Ogbuefi

God inspired me to do music. It was not something I just got myself  into. It has been a family thin g for a long time. Also, Raw was the first person that gave me the support and the platform with Slow Dogg and phyno.

Afiam Ga na Ele is a song sent from above. After a Sunday morning production on radio I came back home. After listening to a few gospel songs was just saying in my heart, this thing will work. I got home and started working on the beat with my friend doggy black. The voicing wasn’t difficult, just about 30 minutes and the song came to life.

Another song I have doing well Afo Anu and the radio version Ogbuefi, r came as a result of the heat I get on the One Nigeria show on Dream FM Enugi. I put them together and came up with the song. Trying to say that whatever you say whatever people  lie they  can call me but as long as the money is coming in I ll keep pushing. I am an igbo man and I rep where I am from.

  1. 8. Issue with NCC?

The Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation has strict rules when it comes to music take can be aired on radio. So I released a radio version of  Afo Onu because the NBC won’t let it be played on radio. So i titled the radio version . Ogbuefi  – still what they call me on the One Nigeria show.

  1. What are your hobbies?

I love listening to radio, il love playing snooker, I love to cook. Yes I love being in the kitchen. I love playing snooker very well because it is a game that enables you  exercise your mind. I love playing piano when I’m less busy because playing piano gives me new songs. You know every song has a tone and every tone has a song.

10 .A Word of advice for upcoming musicians.

For all the upcoming artists, I need to be sincere with you. Education is very important. It will help you go a long way in life. I gives you a better view of what life is all about. Humility is also very important for an upcoming artist. Also, you practice constantly and stay focused. Also stay off drugs. Write your songs from inspiration instead of depending on drugs

11. A word for your fans?

They should keep showing me love and listening to my songs. I love you all because without you there is no me.