Biafra Struggle: “Let them go with their oil” — PDP chieftain Abu King Shuluwa tells Buhari


A PDP chieftain in Benue state, Chief Abu King Shuluwa has warned President Buhari not to treat the Biafra issue the same way former president Jonathan dealt with Boko Haram.
He did this in an exclusive interview with Sun Newspaper.

“Boko Haram continued during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan because that government wanted it so. I don’t think President Buhari would want Biafran agitation to continue. If he does, then he is playing with fire.”

Chief Abu King Shuluwa

Chief Shuluwa also advocated for a dialogue between the federal government and Igbo elders to bring to an end, the current agitation and urged the representatives and elders of the Igbo nation to channel their agitation properly.

“There should be dialogue between the elders and representatives of the Igbos and the Nigerian government to bring the current Biafran agitation to an end. Buhari should assemble the Igbo elders and if they insist on going, he should let them go with their oil and we who are remaining will find other means of survival.”
Chief Shuluwa while warning againsts violence and civil unrest also warned that the Igbo’s should exercise caution before before opting to leave Nigeria. He said:
“Igbos are business people and are all over Nigeria. Those who are agitating now were not born during the Biafran war. We want to know from their elders and representatives whether they want to go or not and it should be granted them but who will lose?”