Airport worker nabbed in Paris after stealing €20,000 dropped by a Moroccan diplomat

An employee at the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris has been arrested after taking 20,000 Euros dropped by a Moroccan diplomat.


Video surveillance showed the employee taking the money that the Moroccan ambassador to the United States had dropped.

The ambassador was leaving Air France’s VIP lounge at Charles De Gaulle airport and heading for a flight to New York Wednesday when two mobile phones fell from his bag and he realised the money was missing. Retracing his steps, he was unable to find the money and left the airport police to continue the search while he boarded the plane. .
The employee was arrested at his home on Wednesday night a police source said.
At the time of his arrest,  about half the money had been recovered.
The airport employee was released from police custody on Thursday but it remains unclear what charges he might face.