Rick Ross slams 50 Cent for releasing photo of Vivica Fox’s bum on social media

The ongoing feud between  Maybach Music boss Rick Ross and head of  G-Unit, 50 Cent has refused to die down.

Rick Ross spoke concerning 50 Cent’s social media beef with Hollywood actress Vivica A. Fox .


In an interview, Ross insists that 50 Cent went out of line by posting nasty pictures of Vivica’s behind.


“In the majority of the time, the distractions aren’t even worth it, especially when you have single-handedly torn something down that you’ve once respected and admired to the point where they are nothing – We are not firing and tearing down. We’re not chasing behind actresses. We don’t get our booties licked. We live by principles. It’s a certain code of ethics. As men in our position, there will be problems, there will be disagreements, but as … kings, it’s certain things we don’t do.”