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Former Head of News at News of the World newspaper admits they repeatedley hacked into David Beckham’s phone

Head of News at a defunct News of the World newspaper has admitted that they routinely hacked into the phone of former England football captain David Beckham and accessed his voicemail.

David Beckham’s phone was hacked by News of the World journalists, Greg Miskiw admits in an interview with Channel 4 News, Greg Miskiw said Beckham’s voicemail were accessed “routinely, all the time, over and over again”.

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Miskiw who introduced phone hacking to the tabloid said  “the objective was very simple, just get the story – no matter what, no matter how”.

He also cleared the air concerning the alleged affair with Rebecca Loos. Saying they found nothing tangible.

“The David Beckham story, (referring to the affair with Rebecca Loos) we had to track all  these phones. From recollection  I don’t think we got anything of any significance from doing Beckham’s phones.”

He also spoke of his regret particularly of hacking into the phone of murdered 13-year old Milly Dowler.