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Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones in Marvel’s new Netflix series

Krysten Ritter has been unveiled as Jessica Jones in Marvel’s trailer titled “All In A Days Work.” on Netflix.


She is a detective solving a case in her detective agency Alias Investigations office by 2:23 am.

In another trailer entitled “Evening Stroll.” Super heroine detective Jessica Jones  takes a midnight stroll to her office Alias Investigations in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood in New York city.


She takes a single jump into the building without anyone seeing.

According to the original book story, Jessica Jones was exposed to a radioactive substance in a tragic car crash with her family. It was his exposure that endued her with super human abilities. She can fly and drink her enemies to stupor.

In the series to will be released on Netflix November 20, Krysten Ritter plays detective Jessica Campbell Jones,David Tennan plays the villain Kilgrave, Mike Colter plays  Luke Cage and Rachael Taylor plays her best friend Trish Walker.

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