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American Airlines Pilot dies mid-air on flight to Boston

An American Airlines pilot died on Monday while flying a plane from Phoenix to Boston.

57 year old Captain Michael Johnston fell ill during the flight before the co-pilot landed the Airbus A320 with 147 passengers on board safely.

An autopsy conducted revealed that Captain Michael Johnston died of natural causes

When the pilot fell ill while en route, the flight was diverted to Syracuse in New York for a medical emergency landing.

American-Airlines-pilot-diesThe passengers knew that something was wrong but wrong when a woman with a “quivering” voice spoke over the intercom, saying that the pilot was sick.

“If it wasn’t for the copilot using a cool head,” a passenger said, “it might have been more disastrous.”

The passengers waited for the body to be removed from the plane before they made it to Boston.. They expressed sadness over the incident but were grateful they arrived safely despite arriving nearly five hours after their scheduled time.