Anita Josephs speak out after Nkem Owoh touched her boobs on set — says it is no big deal


Controversial Nollywood actress has disclosed that she actually  allowed Nkem Owoh to touch her
boobs. This came after critics decried the scene.


While in an interview, the actress said that a movie is meant to be real.  She said she could do anything that the script says.

She also spoke about her friendship with Afrocandy.

Oh yes they are, some of them do worse things behind closed doors. So don’t judge me. I do what I want to do but I can’t do porn. Anita is crazy, Anita is this, Anita is that, but I can’t do porn. There are some kinds of things I can’t do. If I’m doing business with Afrocandy, it’s movie business not porn and it’s my business. Nobody has the right to tell me I shouldn’t do it because she’s this, she’s that. That’s their business.

That movie was The Gamblers… In the script, they said he was supposed to touch my breasts; we have to make it real so I gave him my breast to touch and that thing blew people’s minds. That was the whole idea, he touched it for real. I do lots of stuffs like that. It doesn’t matter; it’s the kind of job I do, so it depends.
It depends on what the script says; sometimes you just have to pretend to be there. Its pretense, Acting is all about pretense.