EXPOSED: The truth behind Emeka Ike’s fake baby sitting photos


Barely two days after photos emerged online of Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike baby sitting his children after his wife filled for divorce, it has been revealed that the photos might have been staged.

Sources close to the actor revealed that Emeka Ike leaked the photos online by himself just to attract public sympathy. They infact said that Emeka’s mother stays in the same house and takes care of the children.


After the photos were released, many people felt pity for the actor who has made passionate pleas for his wife to return to him after she filled for a divorce in court.


Suzanne Ike filed for a divorce on the grounds of battering.

Emeka Ike only recently accused the founder of Household of God, Pastor Chris Okotie of engineering the divorce. He also accused Pastor Chris Okotie of funding the divorce.