Shocking revelations emerge about Ghanian actress who divorced her husband three days after marriage

Ghanaian actress and movie producer, Rose Mensah, better known as Kyeiwaa, has divorced her husband Daniel Osei just three days after their marriage.
The news came as a shock to many who wondered why a marriage will be severed just after three days.
Shocking revelations seem to justify Kyeiwaa’s action. She found out barely two days after the wedding that her husband, Mr. Daniel Osei was married man with kids. His wife later revealed that Mr. Osei claimed that his marriage to Kyeiwaa was nothing but a movie.
Mr. Osei also went as far as renting a crowd for the wedding ceremony that held on Sunday.

Rose Mensah, who is 52-years-old confirmed the divorce in a chart with an Accra-based radio station, Kasapa FM,

“I have never liked married men. He was not truthful; so when i realized he had a wife, i decided to exit.”

 While confirming the rumours, she added that she ignored the news at first, thinking they were not true.


“I still gave him the benefit of doubt. I still did not want to believe it was true that he had a wife. I thought I was going to benefit from the negative PR. But it turned out days later that everything people were saying was the truth.”“He did not show any sign that he had a wife. We dated for a year. I trusted him but he chose to betray me. He is very cunning. The way he is, he can easily get you to fall for him. I met him on the streets of Kumasi. I knew he had a child but he assured me that he had not engaged her. So it came to me as a shock that he had actually married her legally.”

 Truth be told, Rose displayed a very intolerable level of desperation by marrying a man who is super rich without doing a background check. Daniel Osei, is a spare parts dealer in Kumasi. Many people know him as American Man. By simply asking the right people questions in Kumasi, she could have found out that her lover was already married.

Maybe one should not blame Miss Rose, she was 52-years-old and single. Too bad, she will go back to being single again after becoming Mrs. Osei for three days.