Meet the American billionaire who makes billions of dollars by growing marijuana legally

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Michael Straumietis is an American entrepreneur who grows marijuana into specific nutrients and food supplements
He is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a company that is renowned for its research in hydroponics and the developing of marijuana-specific nutrients and supplements.
Michael Straumietis, or Big Mike, is giving Dan Bilzerian a run for his money to become the next King of Instagram.

Mike flaunts his flamboyant lifestyle on Instagram, featuring expensive cars, parties in a private jet and often times scantily clad girls.
His firm specializes in making products for medical marijuana manufacturers and cannabis growers.
He has had issues with law enforcement and has almost had his farms raided by the DEA.
Born in Portland, Oregon he came from a lower-middle class family. But his father died as a teenager and his mother became a drug-addict.


When he was 19 he started a lawn fertilizing company as he didn’t want a run-of-the-mill job.
Then, when he was 23, two friends told him how he could make lots of money. He started growing marijuana and honed his techniques to the point where he has built an empire.
He found some guys who were ex-DEA, FBI, and RCMP officers who used to run wiretaps on people, and hired them to teach him how to sweep his homes, vehicles, and businesses for bugs.

He was put in jail once but still admits openly his products are used for.  medical purposes only.
A statement in his Growing Underground profile says:

‘Not only did he have a deep love and fascination for marijuana, but he also didn’t want to live the way he saw just about everyone else living – strangled by the ironclad grip of society’s status quo.
‘He flat-out refused to take orders and march around like a good little robot.’