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The Simpsons predicts Donald Trump will become president but will lead America into borrowing from China


The Simpsons has predicted that Donald Trump will ascend America’s presidency but he will lead the nation into a recession.

The cartoon foretold that Mr Trump’s presidency led America into borrowing from China

In the episode Bart is given a window into the future  and found that America has crumbled to its knees due to financial mismanagement.


The episode’s alternate universe reveals that Trump, who will be 84 in 2030, left the country in an impossible amount of debt, and reliant on foreign aid from Europe and China.

This sorry state of affairs is the exact opposite of Donald Trump’s current campaign promise to ‘Make America Great Again’, and stop ‘losing’ to other nations.

The recently-unearthed episode is the latest in a series of eerie Simpsons predictions, in which the show has foreseen the Arab Spring, the Ebola crisis and the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle.

In the episode’s vision of the future, America is also at the mercy of an army of genetically- enhanced thugs, brought about by Trump programs designed to help the nation’s youth which dramatically backfired.

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