Blac Chyna to Kylie Jenner: You got my leftovers again


Blac Chyna is enjoying Kylie Jenner’s birthday weekend.
She must giggled at the news that Tyga  gave her old Mercedes to Kylie as a grand 18th birthday gift. got you some details…

“Blac Chyna is laughing hysterically at Tyga and Kylie. This is straight comedy to her. She thinks this entire situation is funnier than watching Eddie Murphy‘s Raw,” reveals an insider.

“Blac thinks there’s no way in hell Kylie’s going to give the car back to Tyga. She loves getting Blac’s leftovers. First it was Tyga, now it’s Blac’s old car.” Lol.

“In all honesty, Blac hopes Kylie enjoys her used ride. She wants Kylie to consider it a gift from her, too.”

Are you feeling sorry for Kylie?