PDP release evidence that SSS DG is an APC card carrying member



The Peoples Democratic Party PDP has produced evidence linking present DSS Director General to the APC.
The PDP insisted that Daura performed crucial roles in the APC Presidential Campaign as Chairman of Buhari’s Campaign Committee on intelligence.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, said in Abuja on Thursday that it is wrong for President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint persons with whom he had consanguineous relationship in sensitive national positions. Metuh said:

“We regret the press statement by the spokesperson of the ruling party (APC), Lai Mohammed, in which he attempted to deny that Mr. Daura served as head of intelligence committee of the APC Presidential Campaign Organisation.

“First, we want to state very clear that we stand by the issue as raised by the national working committee.

“We have our record, it is on record that he was the chairman of the intelligence committee of the APC campaigns and he is also related to the President personally. All these are not in contention.

“We will take any other person speaking for the government, we will never reply to Lai Mohammed.”

“The president is at liberty to appoint anybody into any office. Using his discretion. He is the President of Nigeria. He could as well appoint his relation to NNPC, NIMASA, NPA or any other ministry that he deems fit.

“But there are sensitive positions that by their very nature require people who are independent, swayed away from him – people who are qualified but not tied to him by any nexus or affinity with the president.

“We insist that the president, in making those appointments, should abide by universal conventions and democratic tenets and principles. Where you have to respect by separating yourself from those issues that affects the country.

“These issues are on the matter of the electoral body which should be seen to be independent. It shouldn’t have anything to do with you. The same thing applied to security issues, as the sentiments and the emotions of the relation will apply in the execution of security matters and would be be- clouded by his sentiments and emotions.

“This is exactly what has happened in Zimbabwe; this is what was obtainable in Libya, where relatives of President Muammar Ghadaffi was appointed as Chief of Army Staff or head of security. So they visited the people with unknown viciousness not seen. It should not happen in this country.”


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