Man’s inhumanity…

Image: TurkesART

Who would believe that an innocent child born to a Hunan family will someday ruthlessly take the life of nine people inside a church?

Some will be forced to sniff the life out of that little boy if they had a glimpse of the future. But is someone’s destiny set on stone? How can we say that it had been established that an innocent baby born to a human family is destined to take nine lives in one evening?
Maybe it is best we believe that we all choose our destinies because if we say our life patterns have been scripted, then we can blame The Creator for the evils man commit.

Certainly that wouldn’t be the case because man was created to be beautiful, innocent and pure. He was given something else – a choice. It is man’s ability to choose that sets him apart from other creatures. Every man governs his own universe and should be blamed for whatever outcomes his choices bring.

Like the 21 year old Dylan Roof, he made that choice long ago – when he decided to hate Black people for no just reason. He went ahead to own a Confederate flag because he believes Black people deserve to remain slaves, be subjugated, killed, Whites should reign supreme. That was his choice, his own decision.

After Roof killed nine people and injured one, the families of those killed made a choice too difficult to take at such a time. They chose to forgive him.
An author Roxane Gay however cooked up reasons why not to forgive him.

She said:

I really do believe there are some crimes that are beyond forgiveness and I was stunned at how quickly the media began packaging a narrative about forgiveness. And I greatly admire the families who stood in court and gave testimony and offered their forgiveness and I respect that and this is not to criticize them or take away from them. It’s just in general — beyond them, for those of us who are not directly connected— I refuse to forgive this young man for what he did. He was calculated and brutal and I think his crime is beyond forgiveness.

– Her own choice.

Man’s choices has brought untold hardship to his kind. Heinous crimes, war, terrorism, slander, racism, anarchy, rape, hate speech, envy, jealousy and greed are all a product of the choices man makes.

Man has become inhuman even to his fellow man.


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