Go and sit down – DJ Cuppy tells Asa Asika #AskCuppyAnything


Nigerian female disk jokey DJ Cuppy who launched her mix tape, House of Cuppy II on Monday, entertained questions today from her Twitter fans for two long hours under the #AskCuppyAnything hashtag.

Questions poured in drones from her numerous Cupcakes.
Probing fans wanted to know ‘everything’ about the 22 year old daughter of a billionaire. Some others needed her advice while others wanted her help.


Among them was Davido’s former manager Asa Asika who sent his own tweet too…

He said;

@cuppymusic hi I’m an up and coming artiste with a lot of talent, what can you do for me? Trust me you won’t regret it! #AskCuppyAnything

– Asa Asika (@AsaAsikaJune 24, 2015

DJ Cuppy replies…

Please go and sit down. LOL #AskCuppyAnything

– Cuppy(@cuppymusic) June 24, 2015


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