Ladies how will you feel if you found out on your wedding night that his manhood is not working?

Here is a story of an unfortunate bride…


She got married  to a man she had never had sex with before. They had both agreed not to get married until after marriage.

On their wedding night, the man could not perform. The lady found out that his manhood was practically lifeless.

She couldn’t bear it and felt she had to end the marriage.
She brought the matter before the church.

Some elders were of the opinion that since they have not consummated the marriage by having sex, God has not joined them yet.

A few elders had an entirely different view. Since the man did not reveal his problem to his wife,  the foundation of the marriage was built on deceit and therefore should be rendered null and void. But some other church elders were of the opinion that once a couple has been joined on the alter, only death can separate them.

This lady is confused, what should she do?


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