An exclusive interview with Nollywood actress Princess Agunobi


Princess Agunobi is a fast rising Nollywood actress from Imo state. The beautiful and curvey actress had a chat with Talk Parlour.

Read on…

Q: Can you tell us a little about you?
Princess Agunobi: My name is Princess Jolie Agunobi, I am a Nollywood actress. I come from a family of 11 which comprises of 2 girls, 7 boys my dad and my late mum I was born n brought up in Lagos.
Q:What state re you from? Princess Agunobi Imo state Mbaitoli L.G.A.
Q: How did you venture into Nollywood?
Princess Agunobi: I’ve always had the passion to act ever since I was a child, so in 2013 I went to see my girlfriend on set at Owerri, that was how I got my first role. 
Q: How many movies have you for featured in since then? 
Princess Agunobi Few dear but trust me, I ain’t giving up. I’ll keep pushing further till am there.

Q Who is your role model?
Princess Agunobi: Genevieve Nnaji and my screen diva Mercy Johnson. I also want to be a Hollywood actor like Angelina Jolie. Q: What about the male actors?
Princess Agunobi: Ramsey Nouah and Majid Michael.
Q: You spoke recently about the hurdles aspiring actresses face before getting roles in Nollywood. Why do you think directors and producers demand for sex before giving out roles?  Have u had any such experience?
Princess Agunobi: I just don’t know why a producer or director should demand for sex before giving you an opportunity in his job irrespective of your capability.


Q: Have you had such experience?
Princess Agunobi: Laughs.
Q: Is that a yes?
Princess Agunobi: My dear, is it possible for any top female actress to deny it? One thing I’ve come to realise in this industry is that nothing is free. You have to make sacrifices or better still take it gradually which I have been doing. And I tell you, I can’t be frustrated by anyone.
Q:So its really difficult for a lady to get to the top of her career without sleeping with producers & directors?
Princess Agunobi: Am not really saying its difficult though.
Q:What’s your advice to upcoming actresses?
Princess Agunobi: My advice to upcoming actresses like me is that they should take it easy, there shouldn’t be no form of desperation, they should do their best too and leave the rest for God. The most important thing that makes you a good actor is reading and interpreting the given role on a script.
Q:What do u do apart from acting? Princess Agunobi: Am a hair stylist and a business woman.
Q: Got any movie you are working on now?
Princess Agunobi: Just finished from a series titled SUNCITY Featuring myself, Mary Lazarus, Lillian Esoro, Kenneth Okolie, Roy of MTN project fame and others.
Q: A lot of women don’t really feel comfortable with certain parts of their body and sometimes go for cosmetic surgery to enhance their body feature’s. What’s your take on this.
Princess Agunobi: No it’s not okay. Why tamper with d skin colour God has blessed you with? It doesn’t make sense. I advice people not to bleach or whiten their skin, instead let them use a cream to boost their skin. Its bad to see a very dark person today and then tomorrow the person is white because of stardom. Rubbish!
Princess Agunobi: To me, skin colour is not the basic thing. Dark skinned or white skinned, if you are good, you are good.
Q:What about the boob and butt enhancement rumours. Is it true that you had your hips enhanced? Princess Agunobi: Laughs…  People can talk shit… Hip enhancement??? Smh….did dey do it for me? They should go take a clearer look at my old Facebook post. I have no reason to do butt implant.
Q: Can you tell us about your love life?
Princess Agunibi: No comment.
Q: How do you relax?
Princess Agunobi: I spend my leisure time in my house, reflecting on how to make myself a better woman When am not on locations, you can find me in my house. 
Q: Any final word for your fans? Princess Agunobi: They should expect a better Princess Jolie soon  and watch out for my movies but then, I also need their prayers more. May God bless them.
Q: How can you fans reach you on social media?
Princess Agunobi: They can follow me on Instagram @princesssa­lt and on Facebook:


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