Miss Zimbabwe Emily Kachote dethroned after nude photos emerge online


Reigning Miss Zimbabwe 25-year-old Emily Kachote has been dethroned after her nude photographs emerged online.
Photographs of the beauty queen emerged on social media just  about two weeks after she was crowned Miss Zimbabwe.


Organizers of the Miss Zimbabwe pageant said that contestants signed contracts declaring they had never posed nude before the pageant and that, after winning the crown, they would never pose naked.


Kachote had told H Metro, a Zimbabwean tabloid newspaper, that she suspected “these pictures” would emerge but “it happened a long time ago.”
She had a date with a man in his home, saying: “We had some drinks and I had no control over everything that happened that night. I no longer have anything to do with the guy.”


Kachote has attracted sympathy from those in Zimbabwe who see the leaked nude photos as another from of abuse; “This is another form of abuse. Everyone is entitled to privacy and imagine the trauma she could be going through.”


According to Zimbabwe’s Herald newspaper musician Albert Nyathi said; “Women are abused a lot in Zimbabwe and it’s high time it should stop.”


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