Pregnant woman pours hot water on a man peeping at her while in the bathroom


A pregnant woman in Enugu has been put under police detention for pouring hot water on a man who she alleges was peeping at her while she was taking her bath.
Mrs Mercy Chintua, a resident of Akwuke, Awkunanaw in Enugu is said to have caused severe damages to her neighbour’s face with hot water on February 23rd.
The victim, one Emmanuel Anyebe, on his part said that Mercy attacked him when he wanted to take his bath but Mercy maintained that she caught him peeping.
She explains:
“On that fateful day, as I was taking my bath, Anyebe peeped at on me while trying to gain access into the bathroom, and in the process, saw my nakedness.”
Emmanuel was rushed to a nearby hospital after becoming unconscious as a result of the excruciating pains from the injuries he sustained.
After regaining vonciousness, Emmanuel had this to say:
“It all happened as I wanted to enter the bathroom to take my bath, only to be stopped by Chintua, who wanted to take her bath first.
“I simply left after Chintua rushed into the bathroom to take her bath before I could do same.”
“I went to her husband to complain about what had happened and thereafter headed back to the bathroom to have my bath when Chintua had finished having her bath. As I was taking my bath,  Chintua poured hot water on me.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, Enugu State Police Command, Ebere Amaraizu, disclosed that Chintua was remorseful and blamed her action on the devil.


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