Linda Ikeji’s Blog is not worth N1.1 billion


I ran across an article on that claims that Linda Ikeji’s Blog is now worth N1.1 billion. I will say here that that is a typical fallacy. I’ll give you reasons
The website explains that it got to that conclusion though a series of stipulated assumptions:
That sometime ago someone offered to buy  Nairaland for $5 million dollars but the owner rejected it. That is a lie…
That Linda Ikeji has overthrown Nairaland and taken the spot it once occupied in Nigeria’s blog sphere. Another lie.
That Linda Ikeji can rub shoulders with established media outlets like Silverbird TV, AIT, Punch, Vanguard etc. That’s a BIGGER lie that deserves an apology.
Let’s state here that as far as we are concerned Linda Ikeji’s Blog is not worth up to N100 million and cannot compete with mainstream media not to talk about established media entities like Punch, Vanguard , Silverbird and the likes.
These media establishments are duly registered legal entities. They could sue and be sued but LIB is not.
LIB cannot be held accountable for anything. Whatever Linda Ikeji writes can not be authenticated and read as fact. It would would pass as a mere opinion of a popular Nigerian lady.
Let’s be clear on the fact that ICampusNg has no business writing about fashion, entertainment and music. That is just lazy blogging as far as I am concerned. What I expect from are scholarly publications and papers on scientific breakthroughs and technology advancement. My simple advice to this website is to leave social blogging alone and face educational blogging.
Stop being a Linda Ikeji protégée.

Written by Jerry King


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kunle says:

    Those figures are totally wrong but to say the truth Linda Ikeji is rich


  2. Helen Igwe says:

    @Jerry you couldn’t be more correct. I don’t know why they we hyping that woman so much. For me, she is trying. but I’m am particularly disappointed in Nigerian bloggers who just copy and paste from
    Like you said, lazzy bloggers!
    good job to but. how can I follow the site on Facebook? you need to be on twitter too.


    1. Jerry King says:

      Than you fr your comments Helen.
      TalkParlour.Com is on Facebook its
      Find Talkparlour on twitter via
      You can also follow on Instagram


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