Linda Ikeji is sucking upcoming artists dry


Here is a letter sent to us by an upcoming artiste who claims he spent 80,000 to put his songs on Linda Ikeji,’s Blog but was highly disappointed.
Here is the story…
Hi Web Admin, my name is Rukewe Ikeru. I am 26 years old musician from Auchi in Delta State. I started singing in 2006 but I recorded my first professional single in 2010. When I tried to play it on radio, I was told that the song was not good enough. I had to put in more work and I had to hustle more in orther for me to pay a producer in Asaba to produce my song. I was charged N25,000 for a song. I recorded four singles in 2014 and featured a popular reggae musician in Nigeria.
I wanted to promote the song so I sought the services of Linda Ikeji. I made contacts to one of her assistants who linked me with one of Linda Ikeji’s managers. Her manager by name  told me to bring N20,000 for my song. We finally bargained at N10,000 so I paid N40,000 cash for four songs. He promised that my song will be popular in a matter of weeks saying that it will be online on all blogs in Nigeria in two days. I felt very happy and stayed back in Lagos in other to get a collabo with another popular artiste.
I checked Linda Ikeji Blog through out Wednesday, 15th October 2014 all to no avail. My song was not mentioned by Linda Ikeji in any of her posts.
I called Linda Ikeji’s manager and complained. He now told me to pay extra 40,000 for my song to be featured on Linda Ikeji’s blog. All I had with me was 48,000 so I gave him the 40,000 because I know that one day I will be a star.
My song has not appeared on Linda Ikeji Blog since October 2014 till now. Since the incident Linda Ikeji’s manager has stopped picking my calls. I am so confused I don’t know what to do.


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