Wealthy boyfriend dumps Tonto Dikeh for Senator’s daughter


Could you believe that a guy will dump the mighty Tonto Dikeh the great Duchess of the Lee Temple… blah! blah! blah!… It just happened. (Yes), wealthy boyfriend and founder of Malivehood,
Michael Awujoola dumped Tonto Dikeh for a fresher and richer babe plus (wife material).


That’s the lady who took away Tonto Dikeh’s heartthrob. Her name is Deola Adeyemi, daughter of Kogi State Senator Smart Adeyemi.


Tonto Dikeh who is hurting inside resorted to flaunting one ‘Mr X’ in other to get back at Michael… But é no dey work… So sori for Tonto.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. On the streets says:



  2. Hassan H says:

    there must be a problem


  3. Chizom says:

    The girl is looking like. Tonto younger sister


  4. Santos says:

    Who is dumping who?


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