Ini Edo returns wedding ring to her husband – pregnant for new lover

Nollywood actress Ini Edo who recently separated from her husband is not a happy woman.
This is because her husband recently took her to the cleaners. He verbally abused her and accused her of infidelity.
Reliable sources disclosed that Ini Edo’s US-based ex-hubby told her relations that the Nollywood superstar is an harlot before he ordered them to pay back her bride price.
The development angered Ini Edo who reportedly called her husband and gave him the insult of his life.
As we speak, Ini Edo has been taking her new man to movie sets in order to let people know she is now in a stable relationship that could lead to marriage. An unconfirmed source alleged that the actress is pregnant for her new lover. She reportedly blamed her ex-hubby for her miscarriages and conception problem.
She has however blamed her ex- husband for miscarriages and her inability to give birth.


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